Ronald Reagan Institute
Washington, DC

Ronald Reagan Institute

We design the way technology drives content

Cerami designed the centerpiece of the new Ronald Reagan Institute (RRI) – a 19-feet-high x 14-feet-wide, 1.8 pixel pitch LED video wall, created to be seen from its prime location on Black Lives Matter Plaza, steps away from The White House. The impactful and engaging content drove the technology and is constantly changing to draw visitors in and make them feel welcome, while tapping into the Reagan legacy. We were motivated by President Reagan’s inspirational quotes throughout, including, “The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave.”

As the AV consultant, Cerami also designed various AV systems throughout the space, including and event center, media production space, board room and several conference spaces. RRI has been built by LSM to accommodate any type of event and we were entrusted to make sure the technology will be the best in class, whether attending in person, or remotely.

Signature Solution: The design of the lobby video wall was challenging because most of the Reagan era footage that is displayed throughout the RRI was shot in the 1980’s and wasn’t the quality/resolution that we are used to today. Cerami had to balance the size and resolution of the display, while making sure that the content would look great on it. DI was very instrumental in working with the available footage to produce content that looks great on the display. As RRI Institute Director, Roger Zakheim, said, “We’re not trying to bring you back to the 80’s, but bring you into the future.”

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