Expo 2020
Expo 2020
Dubai, UAE

Expo 2020

We design for connectivity, not detectability

Cerami is the official Audiovisual, IT, Security and Acoustic consultant of the Sustainability Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020, bringing Grimshaw’s jaw-dropping vision to life by connecting sound design with technology. With the 2020 Expo theme, “Connecting Minds and Creating The Future”, there was a lot riding on connectivity and making sure visitors would have a frictionless magical experience. “Everything connectible, but nothing detectable” was our mantra.

From the onset of this project, we planned for adaptability in order to create a long-lasting legacy in the desert that would meet the needs of 30,000 visitors a day during the Expo and then closer to 3,000 when it goes into legacy mode as a living landmark to sustainability. When this transition happens, it will empower and power future generations of global thinkers –and be part of Cerami’s legacy.

Signature Solution: All eyes will be on Dubai Expo 2020, the magnificent World Expo. And while the world will be watching to see the future in technology and sustainability, Cerami’s security systems will be keeping watch on the world. With security being of utmost importance, Cerami integrated intelligent cameras into the ribs of the dramatic canopy, as well as hid them into the “trees” that will be generating their own electricity and water. Working with the UAE security force, we created a command central that set a new standard of excellence.