Moynihan Train Hall

Moynihan Train Hall

Welcoming commuters in America’s busiest transit hub

When Governor “Robert Moses” Cuomo announced the 1.6 billion transformation of the landmark James A. Farley Post Office into a 21st Century Transportation hub, he said that it was time for commuters to “travel without anxiety”.  Our acoustic consultants and AV designers knew how reducing stress depended on decreasing noise and increasing intelligibility of announcements.  The PA system had to be 100% clear, always, despite noise from Amtrak trains and HVAC equipment. Assuring the Moynihan Station stands the test of time, Cerami designed state-of-the art way-finding, with sophisticated information displays and LED screens so that Moynihan will be, as Cuomo said, “everything Penn Station is not.”

Signature Solution: By now you’ve heard about that stunning Train Hall with a 92 foot- high skylight and an acre of glass. You may have even seen it for yourself.  But what you probably haven’t seen are the PA speakers.  The use of 3D acoustical modeling allowed Cerami to efficiently and accurately evaluate the various architectural design concepts by SOM in the virtual environment to seamlessly integrate the PA speakers. 650,000 daily commuters will be able to hear us loud and clear – and find their way without stress.




DASNY/ Empire State Development

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