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Cerami began consulting with this Financial Service Company on technology, security, AV and acoustic needs for their satellite office in Atlanta a decade ago. Having gained an intimate knowledge of their workflow and strategic needs, most notably their desire for seamless connectivity – in conference rooms, offices, homes, or cell phones – Cerami created an iterative model that could then be scaled.

With careful consideration of their desire to strategically focus on technology and AV where it directly engages their employees, six projects followed, including, Plano, Texas, Washington, DC, Chicago, Illinois and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and most recently, a much-heralded Reston, Virginia location. While there are commonalities, designed for resilience without redundancies, each building has a raison d’etre – a town hall, a trading floor, and expanded conference center. Future proofing and making sure that each of the seven locations could take over, should a disruption occur anywhere in the system, is the definition of being future proof.

Signature Solution: A focal point at this office building is their interactive AV wall, which captures multiple streams of communication; Twitter feed, FB feed, internal coms, live TV, Scrolling HR, and a live feed from their trading floor. Cerami designed these video walls in partnership with the Financial Service Company’s marketing and technology departments bringing the most current display technologies to drive collaboration.

Other Locations:
Atlanta, GA
Plano, TX
Chicago, IL
Philadelphia, PA
Pasadena, CA
Reston, VA

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