Norwalk, CT


FactSet, a financial data and software company, moved to The Towers at Merritt River to bring their Connecticut-based employees together, in one office, and provide state of the art amenities in an open environment. Balancing their need for privacy with their desire for transparency, was Cerami’s first goal.

Cerami was to bridge the me/we space in this new open office environment and provide a signature voice to correlate with the design.  Additionally, FactSet’s main boardroom is right up against the building’s main mechanical room and Cerami needed to make sure that all communication, often globally, wouldn’t be affected.

Signature Solution: Think about this. You want to assure that there is privacy in huddle rooms.  But you want those very same rooms to be flexible enough to shuffle them around using demountable partitions. You don’t have to be an acoustical engineer to see that that creates a real challenge. Through an iterative process, Cerami, along with Perkins Eastman, and the client, tested various demountable partition installations and fixtures to develop a matrix of acoustical performance options. Additionally, programmatic requirements utilizing emerging technology on a large scale were needed to be manageable with a limited supply staff.

The analytics spoke for itself and achieved the discretion they desired.

Perkins Eastman/Radman Architects