Construction Noise Monitoring

Construction Noise Monitoring

Controlling noise and reducing disturbances to neighboring facilities and communities can be critical during construction and demolition projects. Luckily, we are experts in mitigating noise impact by performing construction noise monitoring and mitigation planning services throughout all phases of a project’s development.

Our acousticians help clients develop a noise mitigation plan that can include noise and vibration monitors on site. This allows our team to continuously track levels and send alerts when upsets arise that threaten to exceed noise code ordinances – and preemptively take measures to reduce the potential for future noise disruptions. Cerami’s construction noise mitigation and monitoring services not only help to stay within compliance of noise ordinances and regulations, but also improve the construction team’s relationship with local residents and businesses. This contributes to a smooth delivery of the project with reduced schedule delays.

When developing a mitigation plan for a new site, Cerami investigates three main project components to determine noise impact: source, path and receiver. During the early design phases, Cerami’s noise mitigation team identifies and analyzes noise sources and presents mitigation solutions. These can range from evaluating the equipment and methodology, to the schedule and cost implications to help meet client expectations.

The key to our noise mitigation approach is communication. With transparent messaging, we work with all project stakeholders – from client decision makers to the construction team members and affected community. We ensure comprehensive mitigation strategies are in place, thus securing long-term project success. Through monitoring efforts at all stages of construction, the Cerami project team can avoid noise-induced scheduling delays, ensuring projects stay on track and on budget.

Recent Clients:
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
New York University Langone Medical Center
American University
Montefiore Nyack Hospital
Columbia University

“The community noted how the monitoring program was an effective tool to manage expectations and expressed their gratitude for all of [Cerami’s] hard work and attention to detail on the project.”
– Emily Emrick, Shalom Baranes Associates, Senior Principal for the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Surgical Pavilion Project