Confidential Insurance Client
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Confidential Insurance Client

We design the way insurance stays confidential

A confidential leading national insurance firm has been undergoing office renovations for its locations across the country. With a commitment to craftsmanship, the client’s project goals have always been to create exciting spaces that seamlessly combine privacy with community ­— and that is where our team comes in. From Philly to Houston and several states in-between, our firm was selected as the acoustic consultant for the office makeovers. We partnered with the client to develop new acoustic standards that not only highlight the firm’s culture, but also foster a dynamic acoustic experience for its employees.

Given the often-confidential nature of the client’s work, it was clear from the initial project phase that acoustic performance would be a central pillar of the architectural design. Office locations feature a variety of spaces including private suites, collaborative breakout pods, large conference rooms, and open concept bench seating. Because of the diverse workspaces, the standards were developed with a keen understanding of the acoustic flexibility spectrum. Architectural elements and sound masking were used to maintain consistent privacy across all areas at any given time. Our team of experts also advised on specific glass-front door details for optimal privacy.

Each of the projects included a focus on innovation and flexibility, where different spaces support different employee needs. As a result, these varying space types, or “neighborhoods” as the firm refers to them, required careful acoustic consideration to enhance the overall user experience. Using chosen materiality, our team was able to achieve the desired sound environment for each contrasting space type. Vibrantly colored ceiling panels, carpet choices and wall materials were all selected to complement the company’s brand aesthetic and optimize sound permeability.

Throughout all phases of the project, our team helped bring the client’s grand acoustic design goals to life while always staying within the project budget. With a focus on collaboration and communication amongst all stakeholders, we implemented cost-effective strategies without sacrificing acoustic performance.

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