Sports & Entertainment

Sports & Entertainment

No reverberations. All rebounds.

Our acoustic and technology designers team up to make sure stadiums, arenas and sporting venues are always connected, game for anything and acoustically sound.

We design venues from the fan’s perspective and help facilitate connections that leave them wanting more. This often means achieving the proper acoustical balance due to excessive noise and reverberation which is always a challenge in large open spaces like arenas, multipurpose centers and gym. Enter our Cerami acoustic and technology designers who know how to think inside and outside rinks, stadiums, and all kinds of courts – from basketball to tennis.

For colleges and universities striving to create healthy campus communities, our recreation specialists consider where amenities should be placed to promote fitness, wellness and social engagement, even though it may be right next door to a classroom.

Our teams design distributed antenna and high-density Wi-Fi solutions to ensure fan engagement by ensuring they can stream and post, as well as leverage food and beverage and wayfinding solutions we provide throughout a venue. We also provide high-definition video surveillance solutions enabling venues to keep fans and patrons safe and secure.

3.5 M
square feet of sport facilities & arenas experience.
video displays for scoreboards, billboards and signage.
4.5 M
fans know the score.

Strategic Technology Planning & Design
Integrated AV and security solutions
Distributed Antenna Systems
Predictive Wi-Fi Analysis & Design
Architectural and Mechanical Acoustics
Hi-Res Video Surveillance & Critical Security Systems
Computer Modeling


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