Higher Education

Higher Education

Blending the physical and digital to support hybrid active learning

Cerami is acutely familiar with the variety of requirements that distinguishes schools of different types and sizes, and our designs have helped institutions both old and new, at all educational levels.

Acoustic Considerations in Higher Education
Although precise needs vary depending on the institution, acoustic specifications for educational facilities are typically made with three general objectives in mind: Increasing intelligibility within classrooms and lecture halls; containing noise in specialized areas such as dining halls and research facilities; and preventing both internal and external noise transmission.

Keeping up with the Pace of Technology
The use of technology in classrooms and lecture halls has become an increasingly important tool for enhancing education. Today, and in the future, technology is essential to convey the day’s curriculum. This means interactivity from a students’ tablet PC or mobile phone, archiving and streaming of material so students can access lessons online, distance learning for remote lecturers, and even multimedia presentations. The pace of technological advancement dictates that we strive for maximum flexibility, capacity and standards compliance in all infrastructure design. Our designs are characterized by audiovisual and IT solutions which meet the facility’s current requirements and, at the same time, anticipate tomorrow’s technology.

Sustainable Design
Cerami is well versed in the criteria for LEED facilities and sustainable design. We work with the design team to make sure that the acoustical concerns such as adequate speech privacy and low noise levels are addressed while simultaneously being able to meet the high-performance demands of sustainability. Our technology team also uses energy efficient practices including energy star qualified products, integration of lighting and shade control, room occupancy sensors, and greenguard certified products.

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