Matthew Schaeffler

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As Studio Head, Matt leads an ambitious team of acoustic engineers who are as passionate as he about designing core and shell and corporate interiors for the most prestigious financial institutions and biggest technology companies in the world.

Matt seamlessly bridges mechanical and architecture design – that rare problem solver who operates at the intersection of art and science.  Improving communication in workplaces is one of his missions, so it was only natural that he was unanimously chosen from among his Cerami peers to lead our own build out on 1001 Avenue of the Americas.

Numerous architectural gems, such as 425 Park Avenue and the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, River Point in Chicago, CIBC Square in Toronto and numerous HQs have his signature voice.

Matt is an accomplished pianist who is rumored to have perfect pitch, something that he laughs off every time we bring it up to impress clients on business pitches. He is a confirmed foodie, who can tell you the greatest places in NYC to eat, as well as those restaurants where it’s best to hold a meaningful conversation – you’ll be impressed how well he listens.  He has built up Cerami’s competitive intern program and continues to co-run it each summer.


University of Hartford


Acoustical Society of America