Helping with the Daily Grind of Working from Home

Helping with the Daily Grind of Working from Home

New York:  May 21, 2020

Streaming Café Sounds to make you feel as if you’re in your favorite café.

Cafe Hotspot

If you are like the 32% of people Cerami surveyed this May, you miss the ambient sounds of your local café. You miss the coffee machines, blenders, clinking cups, eavesdropping, soft music, baristas and spontaneous conversation.

If you’re like Felicity Wood, age 30, who lives in Alphabet City, and frequently works out of the Starbucks on First Avenue in Manhattan, you may even find difficult to accomplish much without them. “I feel much more productive when I’m surrounded by those familiar Starbuck’s sounds,” said Ms. Wood.

Cafes are treasured havens where each day over 72 million Americans, according to the National Coffee Association, go to get their coffee – with many lingering beyond purchase to study, write, meet, and get work of all sorts done.

In order to make those millions feel more normal while working from home, Cerami brought the sounds of cafes to life, in three favorite brews – expresso, decaf or regular. Just stop in here

“When we queried 200 people and ask them what sounds they were missing most, we assumed that most of these people would be craving white noise,” said Gail Sheffler, Director of Communication at Cerami. “We were surprised at how many said that they were missing the sounds of coffee shops and our acousticians were more than happy to create sound mixes to meet their demands.”

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