Crafting Cerami’s Refreshed Logo

Crafting Cerami’s Refreshed Logo

Crafting Cerami’s Refreshed Logo

Cerami is marking our 55th Anniversary with updated branding.

Our new logo exemplifies who Cerami is now – representing our breadth of capabilities and diverse leadership, with reverence to our past and an expansive look to our future.

We updated our website in 2019 and this new logo is part of the branding roll out. The logo is custom typography. We kept the Cerami color– red embodies our ambition and passion for our industry.

Cerami Patterns

The different textured backgrounds will be used for emphasizing specific services that Cerami offers.

Cerami Logo 1965

Cerami’s signature has been our logo for most of our five decades – originally based on Vito V. Cerami’s signature, who started the first acoustical consulting firm in 1965 and who is often regarded as a pioneer of acoustical engineering, creating an industry that didn’t exist before and that is now compulsory in every building.

We are the largest women-led acoustic design and technology consulting firm in the world and when we put our logo next to other iconic architects’ and developers’ logos, we wanted to make sure the Cerami branding spoke equally for acoustics and technology.

“We don’t need the Cerami signature to say that we bring signature solutions to buildings and spaces,” said Gail Sheffler, Director of Marketing and Communication at Cerami. “And we don’t need to wear our history on our sleeve – it’s in our hearts,” added Victoria Cerami, CEO of her eponymous firm.