Cerami & Associates is the largest women-owned acoustics and technology consulting firm in the Americas.

Cerami is rooted in a 50 year history of being passionately responsible about our people, our clients, and our projects.

We are a learning organization that is focused on being experts in our field, understanding our clients needs and goals for their projects, as well as staying current on the latest technologies which, combined with lessons learned, we leverage to develop practical, buildable solutions.

We know that design success is a two-way street and that we need to work closely with the entire project team to understand everyone’s point of view and be considerate of their role on the project to ensure a collegial experience that ultimately results in a successful project. Our clients number among world-class developers, top architects and engineers, and Fortune 100 companies.

From ensuring reliable, robust technology for a multi-million square foot financial headquarters to making sure students can hear their teachers in a fifteen thousand square foot primary school, and everything in-between.

We are in the quality of life business.