Dijana Fedyunina

Dijana Fedyunina

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Dijana is our Controller and is responsible for overall company financial operations. She offers a rich blend of accounting, operations, strategic, administration and leadership talents gained from years of Controllership experience in the Oil & Gas, and International Banking industries. The way she runs her devoted finance group is symbolic of the way she has been able to keep our entire firm fiscally fit – through respect for the process.

Through most of her 15 years in Finance and Business Management, she has met KPIs in rubles, euros, yen and dinars, the Serbian currency from her native country. Ask her about her experience with Japanese Management Model and you will understand why she is a sensei in optimization.

Her enthusiasm for acoustics is contagious – she is always introducing new revenue streams for us to pursue. We all wish we could clone Dijana, which is interesting as she has three children – including twins.


Dijana holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Economics, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Oil & Gas Management from Gubkin Russian State University.

She is involved with several professional organizations, including ACEC New York, CFO committee, and maintains her international status with Serbian Association of Economist, and CFO Association.