Desktop Support Specialist
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Desktop Support Specialist

Primary Role:

The Desktop Support Specialist provides design, installation, maintenance, and support service for the entire enterprise desktop environment. She/he will work with our network management team to discuss the need for changes and the feasibility of projects recommended by users. The Desktop Support Specialist will also be required to monitor technology trends and make recommendations on incorporating new technology into the company’s existing platforms.

Essential Functions:

The Desktop Support Specialist is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and future planning needs of the company’s desktop environment, which includes:

  • Collaborate with existing vendors to evaluate the new technology that is available and make recommendations to management on using that technology.
  • Consult with IT support and design departments to make sure that users’ needs are being met.
  • Monitor the performance of the company’s desktop infrastructure and make suggestions for improving efficiency.
  • Evaluate applications and software patches for desktop applications to see if they will solve desktop issues.
  • Build and installing PCs, networks and peripheral devices (such as printers, scanners, mobile/smart phones) related to desktop infrastructure, in accordance with departmental standards.
  • Website and social media maintenance.
  • Maintain installed PCs, telephone systems, and peripherals with routine maintenance.
  • Identify, log, and resolve technical problems with software applications.
  • Identify potential changes and system improvements to present to senior team leaders for consideration and implementation.
  • Ensure that work is carried out within agreed service levels and in accordance with department guidelines.
  • Create, maintain, and distribute reports of progress to senior leadership.
  • Upgrade systems and software, as required.
  • Explain and document technical issues in a clear way.
  • Use trouble ticket system to accurately record requests, solutions, and activities.
  • Maintenance of digital displays, including setup/streaming of content for client visits, office events, and internal organization communications.
  • Assist with setup of video conferencing and miscellaneous collaboration tools.
  • Assist in on-boarding of new hires including preparation of work station, tools/telephone, and business cards, ensuring all contact information is communicated within the organization.

Required Skills:

  • Create, maintain, and distribute reports of progress to senior leadership
  • Upgrade systems and software, as required
  • Ability to plan and implement new software and hardware
  • Ability to effectively communicate information in everyday language
  • Ability to listen to users
  • Empathy
  • Excellent communication skills

Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering or similar field
  • MCDST certification
  • 5+ years’ desktop engineering experience
  • Experience with Windows, Autodesk products, Office, Skype, VBA, C++/C#
  • Proven ability to offer high level desktop support in an enterprise environment

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