Strategy Services

Enterprise technology strategy is critical for our clients.

The fast pace and short lifecycle of technology innovation pose challenges within the existing workplace and present opportunities for those deploying long term real estate assets. Our strategic consulting team works to align client business and technology requirements with trends and market lifecycles to ensure that IT systems are responsive to business requirements and enable our clients to maintain a competitive advantage.

On real estate and construction projects, our strategic consultants ensure continuous tracking of the technology design and development alongside project milestones and schedule requirements.  We ensure that technology infrastructure is planned and implemented which will support initial requirements and is capable of evolving with the organization.  Separately from construction initiatives, our consultants offer strategic technology planning and guide clients through the myriad of technology solutions that can be leveraged to provide IT value to business users.

Services Include:

  • Financial Analysis & Modeling
  • Capacity Planning & Growth Modeling
  • Risk Management
  • Technology Transition & Optimization Planning
  • Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity Planning
  • “Green” Services/ Sustainability
  • Long Term Strategy Asset Evaluation