Our legacy is only as strong as our people.

The firm’s partners are tremendous advocates for mentorship. By combining an established internal program with other opportunities for Higher Education, Cerami cultivates a strong sense of intellectual community which has become a benchmark for excellence in our field.

Mentorship at Cerami is ingrained in every level from intern engineers to junior staff and through partnership. new staff are paired with more experienced employees who provide technical guidance and oversight, assisting with quality and understanding of what it means to do a good job.

Staff are also active in serving as mentors through our participation in The ACE Mentor Program, a not-for-profit organization, that helps prepare high school students for careers in design and construction. The fastest-growing mentoring program in the building industry, ACE operates in over 40 states and 200 cities across the nation. Cerami has been part of ACE since it’s inception, working with other mentors and a team of students, in hands-on projects that mirror “real-world” projects.  In addition, ACE Mentor Programs have awarded more than $6 million dollars worth of scholorships.