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The Facility Manager of a mixed-use building called Cerami Site Assessments regarding complaints from tenants hearing intermittent rumbling coming from the ground floor. Every time the Facility Manager investigated it, it was quiet. There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.

Cerami’s Site Assessment team investigated the noise complaints, determining that they were mostly during the morning. A bakery was located directly below the source of the complaints and took deliveries in the morning, so a survey was conducted during a scheduled delivery to determine the noise impact. After assessing the noise and vibration levels, it was clear that vibrational energy was entering the building structure as carts were dragging against the floor and running over irregularities and bumps in the floor. It was determined that modification to the existing loading equipment would be the easiest and most feasible way to reduce the noise impact, without necessarily having to implement any construction methods that would have been costly and less effective.

“We didn’t even know where the problem was coming from, let alone that such a simple solution was possible to mitigate the intermittent rumbling. Cerami saved us thousands of dollars by providing a simple solution that had never occurred to us.”

Trey, Senior Associate, Cerami Site Assessments