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The owner of a major mixed-use building in Philadelphia went through an ambitious effort to replace the cooling towers for this 58-story, fully occupied building. Yet, the operation of the new energy-efficient equipment resulted in noise complaints from tenants in apartments overlooking the roof containing the cooling towers. Cerami Site Assessments was called in to determine if noise levels exceeded the Philadelphia Noise Code and to help with noise mitigation efforts.

Cerami Site Assessments provided a blueprint for solving the issues. Based on multiple test iterations, it was determined that the system was not operating properly during off-peak hours. Our team worked with the design engineers and manufacturer to quiet things down, by replacing defective components, establishing maximum operating speeds, and installing equipment to direct noise away from the residential tower.

“We not just pin-pointed the problems, we were able to help the Building Owner find timely noise controls solutions that could be implemented in stages while maintaining the comfort of building occupants.”

John, Principal, Cerami Site Assessments