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An alien paging through the interior design press might well conclude that human perception is limited to electromagnetic radiation (i.e. light, etc.), with no ability to perceive sound and other vibrations that are communicated through matter, such as air, glass, sheetrock, cement, I-beams, and so on. But given the breadth of human senses and their interwoven perceptions, the pictorials fall grievously short in characterizing a space, or reminding us all of the multiplicity of factors that architects and designers must take into account in their designs. My own recent experiences in conference rooms and showrooms indicate that some visually excellent spaces are virtual embarrassments because poor acoustics make them unsuitable for their intended purpose, something for which architects and designers should most certainly be liable (unless, of course, the client fails to heed their advice – memos to file and all that).

Fortunately, there is plenty of help available. Cerami & Associates, Inc. is a firm that specializes in acoustics and other mechanical vibrations that can make a big difference in the performance of any space. In addition, its expertise is carried forward into audio/visual facilities now common in the workplace and other areas. To read more about Office:Insights’ highlight on Cerami, fill out the form below.

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