Performing Arts / Projects

Cerami’s acoustical, audiovisual, IT and security design teams have provided consultancy on a number of spaces at Vassar College, with the central focus of our work being the new Dance Repertory Theater. Our primary goal throughout the project was to meet the client’s desire for cutting-edge technology with practical, cost-effective solutions.

Our audiovisual consultants planned a system that allowed for connections between performers, stage managers, and individuals controlling the lighting booth. The lighting booth was fitted with audiovisual racks and headset systems were introduced to enable communication in the theater. We were also asked to consult on the adjacent dance studios and six classrooms to the theater, which we equipped with CD and audio cassette players, campus LAN connections and stereo power amplifiers.

The Repertory Theater was constructed in a space that formerly held a swimming pool, making acoustics an issue that needed to be addressed. Our acoustical consultants worked closely with the audiovisual design team on the dance theater to ensure optimum acoustics for the AV system. Surface finishes for the ceiling, side and rear panels, and audience seating area were all carefully selected to create the appropriate reverberation for the space as well. Our acoustical consultants also surveyed ambient and background noise levels and provided acoustical treatments on the adjacent mechanical equipment and ductwork. All of the machines were mounted on vibration isolators and the ductwork was acoustically lined. Our acoustical engineers also specified the location and systematic layout of the ductwork.

Client: Gluckman Mayner Architects
Project Type: Renovation
Size: 860 seats
Location: Poughkeepsie, NY