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The U.S. Olympic Training Center & Natatorium in Colorado Springs encompasses many different spaces. In addition to the Olympic-size pool, there is a fitness center, sports medicine center, gymnasium, hydrotherapy space, offices, conference rooms, labs, and clinics. Cerami provided the acoustical advice for the architectural and mechanical systems design of the natatorium and gymnasium.

Our team analyzed the reverberation times in these spaces and provided recommendations for finishes that ensure optimal intelligibility. This was particularly challenging as natatoriums and gymnasiums generally incorporate sound-reflective materials into their design. Our acoustical team, thus, had to be very creative in creating their acoustical solutions and reduce reverberation as much as possible.

The offices and conference rooms were located on the top floors of the building, and thus, directly affected by noise and vibration generated from rooftop units (RTU). Cerami’s team recommended that each RTU be mounted on spring isolators and then specified additional treatments for each individual RTU. Specifications were made for many of these units to be placed in drywall enclosures. Acoustical lining for the mechanical units and ductwork at the Olympic Center was also specified and acoustical treatments including spring isolators, mufflers and looped connections were added to the elevators and machine rooms.

Client: Lehman/Smith/Wiseman
Project Type: Renovation
Location: Colorado Springs, CO

  • Recommended finishes for optimal intelligibility in pools and gyms, which are sound-reflective by design