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Cerami & Associates was commissioned to provide acoustical consulting for the new Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building, the flagship of the Clark School of Engineering. As the building houses some of the nation’s most sophisticated engineering research and educational laboratories, Cerami’s acoustical team had to ensure that noise and vibration were kept to an extreme minimum.

The building contains several vibration sensitive locations: the Microelectronics Clean Room, the Materials Characterization Suite, the Sensors and Actuator Laboratory, and the Microelectronics Material Characterization Laboratory. There are also two locations where equipment operation generates significant vibration: the Materials Class Laboratory and the Virtual Reality Motion-Based Simulator area. The first step in balancing the vibration between sensitive and non-sensitive areas was to survey the existing conditions. We then made recommendations for external spring isolators to be placed on pieces of mechanical and lab equipment that generated excess vibration.

We made recommendations for the mechanical units in the building’s large classrooms, seminar rooms, lobbies, corridors, labs, and storage rooms to be acoustically lined. In addition, we specified various surface treatments for these spaces. The ceilings were constructed using triple layers of drywall and covered with absorptive material. We also recommended wall coverings with absorptive material to reduce the noise level.


Client: Oudens, Knoop Knoop & Sachs and SmithGroup
Project Type: New Construction
Cost: $43,000,000
Size: 155,000 sf
Location: College Park, MD

  • Provided design options to reduce vibration generated by simulation equipment and mechanical systems so as not to affect other sensitive laboratory areas
  • Acoustical finishes, ceiling, and wall constructions were selected with high levels of noise absorption as all interior areas need to be extremely quiet to limit distraction