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The University of Hartford’s Integrated Science, Engineering & Technology (ISET) Complex provides advanced computer and information technology systems integrated into classrooms and laboratories. The design of the new building encourages cooperation across academic disciplines and promotes close student-faculty interaction.

Our work began in the Greer Auditorium where we detailed partition constructions to ensure sound separation and reflective ceiling tiles that would allow the natural projection of the instructor’s voice. Removable acoustic panels were provided for variable conditions and allow the space to serve as a quasi-laboratory for the acoustics and sound programs.

Our AV designers were responsible for detailing the audio/video media, and speech reinforcement system, including a multi-media projector, front projector screen, stereo loudspeaker, assistive listening system, and an integrated remote control system, which we detailed similarly in the tiered classrooms. General classrooms were equipped with presentation and display functions.

Our IT consultants detailed new Tel/Data entries and closets, an infrastructure to support wireless networks and services, and IT interface requirements to coordinate with existing campus voice and data networks and AV systems. Wireless LAN technology was provided to supplement network capabilities by providing data services in areas that were difficult to cable or for which temporary and frequently changing requirements existed.


Client: William Wilson Associated Architects
Project Type: Renovation and Addition
Size: 145,000 sf
Location: West Hartford, CT

  • Detailed all AV media and speech reinforcement in the partitioned auditorium and classrooms, along with removable acoustical panels in the auditorium
  • Specified room-within-room construction in the recording studios, adjacent to mechanical rooms, to mitigate noise, as well as surface finishes
  • Detailed new Tel/Data entries and closets, wireless infrastructure, and IT interface requirements to coordinate with existing campus networks and AV systems