Projects / Sports & Recreation

Cerami & Associates has developed a long-standing tradition of working on the numerous sports facilities and gyms within the Town Sports International network. For over ten years, our acoustical consultants have provided expert recommendations and design criteria for over seventy-five gyms along the Eastern seaboard, from the heart of downtown DC to bustling midtown Manhattan. The development of gyms in such highly populated urban areas poses several challenges. Not only is it important to create a space that is isolated from the noise and distractions of crowded cities; it is vital that adjacent spaces to these gyms are protected from the vibration and noise that are inherent characteristics of athletic facilities.

Our services have primarily been focused on clubs in the TSI network that are located in mixed-use buildings. Typically, the scope of our work includes conducting tests and surveys to measure and asses vibration and noise prior to construction in proposed locations. Our consultants then work together to develop solutions that will meet the needs of TSI and the other end-users in a building. These solutions typically include detailing floating floors, special platforms for treadmills and composite rubber flooring in locations where weight training will take place. We have also worked with consultants from TSI to coordinate locations that will mitigate noise and vibration and achieve the desired goals of a project.


Client: Town Sports International
Project Type: Interior Fit-Out
Location: National Locations