Projects / Transportation

Cerami & Associates was commissioned to provide acoustical consulting for the rehabilitation of the Times Square Subway Station, a key transfer point for seven major subway lines located in the heart of the city.

Cerami conducted extensive noise surveys on platforms and on the station’s mezzanine to document existing noise levels, identify the main noise sources, and determine suitable noise mitigation measures. Our team provided guidance for the selection and relocation of quieter ventilation fans, and tailored interior acoustical environments to minimize the effect of mechanical noise.

In addition to the noise control work, Cerami worked with the Metropolitan Transit Authority and the design team to design a new paging system aimed at improving the intelligibility of public announcements on the platform and mezzanine levels.

Client: William Bodouva & Associates
Project Type: Renovation
Location: New York, NY

  • Identified sources of excessive noise and determined suitable mitigation measures
  • Selected and relocated ventilation fans and minimized the effect of mechanical noise
  • Designed a new paging system with the MTA to improve the intelligibility of platform and mezzanine announcements