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These Time Warner Cable projects are local studios for cable news channels for providing local content. The buildings are typically suburban light industrial and include a newsroom, an anchor studio, a voiceover room and a weather studio, as well as a complete suite of control rooms, editing rooms, graphics, sports etc. The remainder of the space is for offices, equipment rooms for broadcast, and the local station pay center.

The primary challenge of this project was in designing design inexpensive workable studio rooms, in an efficient space with minimal maintenance issues. The HVAC units are all located on the roof top and are strategically placed and attenuated so as not to interfere with the quiet, noise sensitive rooms. Since the buildings are generally lightweight, including the roof, we specified sound barrier ceilings to keep out HVAC and environmental noise from heavy rain, sleet, etc.

Anchor studios are separated from the newsroom and main control room by glass. The weather room is at perimeter of building to enable people to see what is going on outside. This room is designed with special acoustical glass to prevent noise problems. The Charlotte facility was the prototype for these studios, and while the actual layouts vary to fit the local buildings, this facility is the basis for the other studio designs.


Project Type: Renovation
Location: Various locations