Education / K-12 / Projects

Cerami worked closely with the project team on the design of music practice rooms and a large multi-purpose auditorium at this prestigious Manhattan private school. Cerami’s acoustical consultants faced critical issues in the practice rooms. Specifically, it was important that there was sound privacy among them and that each was treated with the appropriate acoustical finishes. Cerami & Associates modeled the spaces to optimize their acoustic character and thus, at the client and architect’s request, used innovative products and application methods to unobtrusively incorporate the acoustical treatments into the designs. Construction details were also formulated to ensure minimal noise transmission between spaces.

Cerami’s audiovisual group was also involved in the renovation of the Dalton School. The team designed an audiovisual system for the performing arts department of this private middle school. Four classrooms were fitted with video projection and audio playback from computer or pre-recorded source material. Each room was also equipped with the ability to record rehearsals onto a laptop computer and CD recorder. All functions are operated by integrated remote control systems, with custom-designed button panels. A small multi-purpose auditorium was designed as a dance and theater rehearsal space, with the capacity for live performances as well. Its audiovisual capabilities are similar to that of the classrooms, but with larger and more substantial projection and sound reinforcement systems to accommodate an audience, as well as a wireless touch-screen control panel.


Client: Matthews Moya Architects
Project Type: Renovation and Addition
Location: New York, NY