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Moving downtown from uptown provided Absolut the opportunity to refresh its headquarters’ environment to reflect its bolder and more diverse brand, and Cerami & Associates was hired to provide acoustical and audiovisual consulting to help the design team achieve their goals.

Public spaces accommodate “around-the-clock” activity, and the two-story stair/bar/gallery supports internal education during the day becoming a quasi-retail setting for bartender training, press events, and entertainment environment and night, therefore posing a challenge for appropriate acoustics. For the partitions between private offices, using a combination of glass and gypsum composition, as well as conference room doors and finishes for optimum speech privacy between spaces.

Our audiovisual consultants provided design solutions in several conference rooms, including a ceiling mounted projector system, speakers, equipment racks and audio and video capabilities, for a brand new turnkey audiovisual system that supports Absolut’s core values— creative, bold, stylish, engaging.

Client: Gensler
Project Type: Renovation
Size: 10,000 sf
Location: New York, NY

  • Provided acoustical solutions for the public spaces which accommodate different dynamic activities around the clock
  • Designed a brand-new turnkey audiovisual system that supports the Absolut brand’s core values — creative, bold, stylish, engaging.