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The Center for Integrated Teaching and Learning (CITL) will create a new combined center for the school of Theatre Arts, the school of Film & Media Studies, and related arts programs. Earlier this year, the project team completed a program verification, outlining the scope of work and sequencing for this renovate and construction project.

The project will include spaces for traditional and hands-on instruction, technical interaction, and presentation training in theatre. Design considerations include isolation of noise sensitive and noise generating spaces (performance areas vs. scenery shops) control of mechanical systems noise, and full recording and playback capabilities in the performance theater.

Another high profile space is the sound stage, which will include video and film production, full board foley studio, digital effects playback. Activities will be highly sensitive to intrusive sound and will also, at times, generate loud volumes.

Project Type: New Construction
Cost: $15,000,000
Size: 64,000 sf
Location: Purchase, NY