Projects / Studios & Broadcast

Cerami & Associates provided a full scope of acoustical services from Conceptual Design through completion of construction of the main building, and for Day 2 upgrades involving fit-out of the Screening Room and customer services area. The entire complex comprises 305,000 sf on 15 acres.

The Studio complex is located within the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and is affected acoustically by issues such as trucks and helicopters frequenting the Navy Yard. We measured noise and vibration to characterize the environment and determine the studio construction needs in order to maintain the required level of quiet at the sound stages. We worked with the design team to develop potential alternative layouts and construction types to accommodate the Five Sound Stages (sized up to 27,000 sf each), agreeing to use an insulated concrete panel wall system together with an insulated roof.

The HVAC systems were placed on the lower roof of the support spaces with supply and return ducts penetrating the sidewalls high up at the catwalk level. To help mitigate noise generated from these units, we also specified that purpose-built sound attenuating plenums and silencers be placed on them.

Within the Sound Stages, we specified surface-applied sound absorbing finishes to control reverberation. These are supplemented by large sound control doors to properly separate the stages, but allow access for trucks when needed to move large set items.

Client: Paulus, Sokolowski & Sartor, Janson Design Group
Project Type: New Construction
Size: 305,000 sf
Location: Brooklyn, NY