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The Taffner Field House includes 4 basketball courts, classrooms and study space, office and meeting spaces, AV rooms for all varsity athletic teams, locker rooms, and Sports Medicine and weight training facilities.

As the basketball arena needs to be multi-functional, serving as an event space during the off-season, intelligibility was a large factor. We worked closely with the university staff to explain the various acoustical options and the decision was made to prioritize the acoustic environment for required for sports, with some consideration for non-sports use. We specified that the full roof deck underside and a portion of the walls in the arena be treated to create the desired space environment.

Because the field house is located in a residential area, environmental noise control of the mechanical equipment to ensure local code compliance was another concern. We conducted a noise survey to assess the existing conditions, and found that the noise levels due to traffic were lower than expected, therefore a strict interpretation of the noise code was instituted for the residences. We analyzed the noise levels from the proposed air-handling units and estimated that the noise at the residences would exceed code levels if the units remained untreated. In order to control the noise from these units we designed a barrier wall, made of sound absorptive materials, built around the machines.


Client: Butler Rogers Baskett
Project Type: New Construction
Cost: $23,000,000
Size: 38,000 sf
Location: Queens, NY