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A complex of mixed-use developments, Silver Spring Gateway consists of a 15 floor building complete with 14,000 sf of ground floor retail, 457 condo units, and amenity spaces. A multi-level below and above ground parking garage adjoins the residential building. The property is also surrounded on three sides by substantial noise sources, including railroad traffic, busy Georgia Avenue, and the East West Highway.

We focused on three aspects of this mixed use building, environmental, architectural, and mechanical analysis. To assess the impact of traffic noise from nearby I-395 on the residential spaces, a noise survey was conducted and various glazing systems were considered. In a mixed-use development, additional noise control is often required to meet the more stringent noise ordinance for residential units. We analyzed background noise levels and provided recommendations for building design and subsequent certification.

We also reviewed the architects design for items that would potentially impact sound transmission from room to room and between each floor. This study resulted in our making recommendations for slab construction and partition types as well as space programming and adjacencies.

Another issue was the location of a mechanical room next to the building’s Club Room. To minimize the transmission of sound from this room we assisted the architect in selecting partitions that would minimize the mechanical noise concerns.

Client: WDG Architects
Project Type: New Construction
Location: Silver Spring, MD