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For this project, formerly known as PS-260, Cerami & Associates provided acoustical consultancy starting early in Schematics to help advise the architect on preferred building layouts to minimize the impact from adjacent elevated MTA tracks. This early input on space planning helped minimize the amount of acoustic windows required to attenuate train noise.

Building layout ultimately oriented classroom spaces as far as possible from elevated train tracks. Spaces with less window area–cafeteria, administration offices, auditorium, were located in a closer proximity to the train.

The auditorium is provided with a special isolated floor construction to help decouple the room from the building structure. The floor helps attenuate structural transmission of noise and vibration energy before it can impact the auditorium. The fan shaped room, together with the raked floor finish, required close coordination of the isolators used for the floor system.


Client: PKSB Architects
Project Type: New Construction
Size: 97,000 sf
Location: Corona, NY

  • Advised architect on building layout to minimize noise impact
  • Recommended a special isolated floor construction in auditorium to help decouple the room from the building structure and reduce noise and vibration energy