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The design required a complete gut renovation of the existing warehouse building interiors.

Cerami & Associates began our work on the project by surveying noise and vibration levels at the site due to train pass activity, as well as overhead aircraft. Measured impact was significant to the extent that triple glazed windows were provided in the fa├žade restoration to render intrusive noise transmission to reasonable levels.

Mechanical equipment scheduled for the project included unit ventilators to locate at classrooms. This equipment required careful review of enclosure design, as well as repeated review of submittals to ensure the specified equipment and noise control was included.

Program areas reviewed for acoustical treatments during design include: classrooms for 1,600 students, two cafeterias, multi-purpose rooms, and library.

Client: FXFOWLE (Programming) SBLM Architects (Design)
Project Type: New Construction
Size: 200,000 sf
Location: Elmhurst, NY

  • Recommended noise abatement solutions for school adjacent to LIRR tracks.