Projects / Transportation

Cerami & Associates worked with Ammann & Whitney to convert the existing temporary terminal to the north of the new North Terminal C into executive offices for the Airport Authority. A change in use from an airline terminal, a transiently occupied space, to offices, a long term occupied space, requires a significant improvement to the acoustical environment.

In order to create a workable office environment, Cerami had to provide recommendations to reduce intrusive noise from aircraft activities. The primary paths through which this noise travels is via the windows, the exterior wall above the windows, and the roof. We specified acoustically treated windows, insulation and treatments for the exterior soffits above the window walls, and additional materials added to the roof construction.

These improvements did not eliminate all intrusive noise from aircraft activities at the airport, but did significantly reduce the intrusive noise maximum and the duration of time that an aircraft was noticeable. These conditions are similar to what is experienced in the current Airport Authority office location.


Client: Ammann & Whitney
Project Type: Renovation
Cost: $800,000,000
Size: 975,000 sf
Location: Arlington, VA

  • Converted existing systems of a temporary airport terminal into those suitable for executive offices
  • Specified acoustically-treated windows, insulation and exterior soffit treatments, and additional roof materials to soften noise impact