Projects / Transportation

The expansion and renovation of Terminal C at Raleigh-Durham International Airport began in early 2004. The project entails a major renovation of the 15-year-old terminal building which will more than double in size and significantly increase the number of airline gates. The majority of the construction is in the ticketing lobby, at the security checkpoint, and at the baggage claim and luggage handling areas.

Cerami & Associates is providing acoustical and audiovisual consulting services for this project. Our primary goal is to ensure that airport announcements can be clearly heard, which means that we are reviewing the current finishes in the terminal and making recommendations for new finishes that will absorb sound and prevent echoes. The challenge for the acoustical design is that the building is composed of a large amount of glass, an extremely reflective material. For the audiovisual design, our work is focused on speaker selection and placement for the PA system, ensuring that they fit with the aesthetic design of the terminal and can be heard throughout the space.


Client: Fentress Bradburn Architects
Project Type: Renovation
Cost: $570,000,000
Size: 90,000 sf
Location: Raleigh, NC

  • Evaluated paging technology to provide systems that are both efficient and fit aesthetically with the design of the building
  • Recommended new finishes that absorb sound and prevent echoes
  • Improved acoustic quality in a structure with large amounts of noise-reflective glass