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Cerami worked with Gensler on the development of new facilities for the Drama and Graduate Musical Theater departments at the Tisch School. A gut renovation with new HVAC, humidification, electrical, lighting, and audiovisual systems, the space now provides studios for drama and movement instruction, performance theaters, a theatrical lighting, controls and recording sound room, faculty offices, and student lounge areas.

The high-impact and noise generating nature of the activities in these spaces coupled with its close proximity to existing NYU buildings housing other noise-sensitive neighbors (Performance Theater, office spaces), required specialized acoustical design details. Isolated floor, ceiling, and wall constructions limit the level of noise transmission to adjacent spaces, and provide students with a sense of privacy allowing them to freely exploration of their art, whether in an individual practice room or in a classroom environment.

Several of the spaces double as presentation halls where students showcase their talents to the public, so careful attention was paid to the interior acoustics of these rooms to enhance the audience’s experience. The design maximizes ceiling heights and creates full acoustical treatment of all walls, floors, ceilings, and mechanical ductwork. Cerami was involved with this design project from its infancy, utilizing field measurements to aid in site selection and also by participating in the early cost estimate process.

Client: Gensler
Project Type: Renovation
Location: New York, NY

  • Specified specialized isolated floor, ceiling, and wall constructions for the high impact and noise-sensitive adjoining spaces
  • Paid special attention to finishes and HVAC system design as some of the studios are used for student showcases