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Currently in construction, the NYU Steinhardt School of Music / Jazz & Piano Studies, is both incredibly exciting and challenging from an acoustical perspective. The program extends across two floors in an existing building, with professors’ offices (used regularly for instrument practice) on the ground floor below student dormitories.

On the lower level, there are multiple individual practice booths, nonet rooms, quartet rooms, large classroom, and band practice room. Each of these spaces has a high level of acoustic sensitivity from intrusive noise, while at the same time the potential to generate significant volumes of sound energy.

The challenge is that music sound energy, particularly low frequency bass energy, will travel not just airborne through walls and floors, but structurally along building columns and walls. Cerami was responsible for detailing isolated floor, ceiling and partition constructions to mitigate sound transfer between these spaces. It was a challenge to provide the necessary layers of materials and air space cavities, while meeting the program requirements in a fairly tight floor plate.


Client: Gensler
Project Type: Renovation
Location: New York, NY

  • Detailed isolated constructions to mitigate sound transfer between music spaces and student residences above
  • Spaces required unique solutions to block external noise sources while still creating performance level interior acoustics