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NY1 is Time Warner’s 24-hour local news channel dedicated to New York City that strives to combine advanced news-delivery technologies with a reporter-driven format. It was this commitment to advanced news-delivery technology that led them to move into a new, state-of-the-art facility in Chelsea Market that contains news production and TV studios, as well as an open plan office space.

Our team’s first impression when entering the main studio was one of a noisy environment with perceptible vibration in the floor, walls, and furniture. These problems were clearly from the HVAC system, which was located on the roof directly above the studio, and the air ducts that ventilated the studio. Our solution, while still in the construction phase, was to use smaller isolator ducts that hang under the beams along the ceiling, reduce the air volume traveling through these ducts, and surround them with a drywall enclosure. We also prescribed spring isolators to be used on each HVAC unit on the rooftop.

Street noise was the concern for their street-level public access studio. Vibration and noise from traffic caused the studio to fall short of the high acoustic standards required of a studio set and lead to our recommendation of building the studio in a floating room structure, which would isolate the unwanted vibrations.

The open plan office environment, in contrast, was found to actually be too quiet, boasting a noise level of NC-27. Cerami’s consultants thought this area would be more comfortable at a level of NC-35/40, since “crosstalk” would be better masked, and give a greater sense of privacy between work stations.


Client: HLW International
Project Type: Renovation
Size: 55,000 sf
Location: New York, NY