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Since speech intelligibility is important in space like this, we recommended that the new design maximize the absorptive qualities of surfaces and partitions within the space. To provide the best acoustical environment the transmission of the mechanical noise from above the ceiling into the control room would be minimized and the absorptive characteristics of the ceiling would be maximized. Thus we suggested a double ceiling consisting of drywall with a secondary ACT ceiling hung below as the best option, and a traditional ACT ceiling with above batt insulation and limp loaded vinyl acoustic barrier as the second option. We noted that lowering the ceiling height would lower reverberation times within the space and incorporating fabric wrapped panels throughout would also have a positive impact on the room acoustics. Finally we made suggestions for the fan coil units above the ceiling suggesting that they be suspended using a combination of spring/ neoprene hangers.


Client: Wank Adams Slavin Associates
Project Type: Renovation
Location: New York, NY

  • Measured existing conditions and recommended upgrades to surface finishes and partitions to maximize speech intelligibility
  • Cerami & Associated provided acoustical consulting for the renovation of Grand Central MTA Metro North Control Room. We began our work by observing and measuring the existing conditions, noting that the control room is a large space, has a finished ceiling height of 18 feet, and has a mechanical room above the ceiling.