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Magen David Yeshiva serves 1,600 students from grades 1-8 with a variety of multiple-use spaces. The 670 seat synagogue/auditorium posed a number of acoustical challenges – adjacency to an elevated subway line, located below the gymnasium, and is oval in shape. We used acoustical modeling to determine requirements for absorptive and reflective surfaces with the addition of a floating floor to isolate sound and vibration. Presentation systems for the space included video projection systems, audio/voice support, and a lectern with microphone, laptop input, DVD and VCR capabilities.

The school features a large multipurpose room that when divided, is used as a cafeteria on one side and gymnasium on the other. The gymnasium is outfitted with audio/voice support and a public announcement system with speakers located in both the gym and cafeteria spaces to provide support when the rooms are combined. Portable AV equipment with display, video, and sound control capabilities was selected for the cafeteria.

For the divisible spaces we recommended the use of steel operable partitions with internal glass fiberfill which are sound absorptive. We reviewed the mechanical systems and outlined the maximum permissible noise levels to meet the noise criteria for educational facilities.


Client: Gruzen Samton LLP
Project Type: New Construction
Size: 180,000 sf; 1,600 seats
Location: Brooklyn, NY

  • Acoustical modeling allowed us to ensure isolation of 670 seat synagogue/auditorium from an adjacent elevated subway line
  • AV systems included facility-wide intercom, time, and speaker systems
  • Flexible sound systems allow for individual control of cafeteria and gymnasium areas, or integrated when used as a large combined event space