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The goal of the Kumon is to provide students with the skills needed to have a richer, more successful learning experience. As technology becomes more prevalent in schools, it has become a key tool for educators and tutors to share information, engage students, and enrich their lessons.

Kumon wanted the ability to record audio & video from sessions in all learning center spaces so that footage can be created for development of training material, as well as grant administrators the ability to view live feed of the sessions from the observation room. Our design included multiple displays, a speaker system and a multi-camera video capture system that feeds footage to a media storage system for archival and retrieval. To run the system, each room was provided with a simple touch panel to start and end recording. The central media storage system also provides instructors with the ability to immediately access a DVD recording at the end of the session.

Additionally, the Training Rooms are integrated with translation booths which record the audio content and deliver it to the translator. In turn, the translator speaks the required language into a microphone which is then transmitted back to the room for simultaneous pickup by any persons wearing the receiving unit. When audience response is required, ceiling microphones can be used to provide pickup in the room to be sent to the translator.


Client: HLW International
Project Type: New Construction
Location: Teaneck, NJ

  • Audio and video recording capabilities throughout for the development of training materials and live-feed observation
  • Translation booths with individual receiving units, paired with ceiling microphones for response, enable seamless integration of teaching and learning