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Cerami & Associates provided acoustical and audiovisual design for Kaye Scholer’s renovations to the 19th and 22nd floors. Our acoustics team surveyed the existing spaces to set benchmark criteria, then provided recommendations for finishes and partition types to ensure privacy and separation.

The 19th floor has been redesigned and upgraded to a multi-purpose room that is divisible into six separate rooms. The audiovisual system consists of high quality speech reinforcement, front projection, built-in video and audio conferencing, and a central remote control system with a touch panel interface.

Flexibility was the driving factor of the system. Multiple floor boxes across the Conference Center allow for the connection of microphones, computers, and cameras to accommodate various table and meeting configurations. Also, video conferencing can be conducted through a centralized video CODEC or through portable setups within each room under the usage of wall plates. The remote control system is programmed with different scenario presets in order to minimize the setup time of different room configurations. All available signal sources can be recorded and dubbed for future distribution.


Client: HOK
Project Type: Renovation
Size: 75,000 sf
Location: New York, NY