Projects / Studios & Broadcast

Cerami & Associates was asked by Breger Terjesen Associates to help with the creation of two additional studios into the existing Kaufman-Astoria studio complex for Lifetime TV. This was a great challenge in that it required us to prescribe acoustical treatments and designs that work around a pre-existing framework of walls and ceilings, and still create the ultra-low sound environment required of television studios.

Our acoustical consultants, however, were able to meet the low sound requirements through the recommendation of some special construction. These special constructions involved the installation of a floating floor, and the design and installation of resiliently isolated walls and ceilings within the existing structure. A specially designed jack up concrete floating floor was installed as well, to allow existing concrete floor areas to carry live loads only. The jack up floor is carried by the main structural steel within the existing floor structure.

Another concern was mechanical noise. Through careful coordination with the mechanical engineers and surveys of existing studios, we designed and specified acoustical treatments that resulted in levels less than NC 20. To achieve this sound level, we specified what particular low-sound machines to use, and recommended sound insulators for them.


Client: Breger Terjesen Associates
Project Type: Renovation
Size: 500,000 sf
Location: Astoria, NY