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The Wintergarden is the most dramatic change to the Renaissance Center since it was opened in 1977. The building, a five-story glass-enclosed atrium, overlooks the Detroit River and includes two levels of retail and restaurant space. The area that was of prime concern for the client and architect was the main atrium, a space to be used primarily for speeches.

Using the Wintergarden as a presentation space was difficult because of its highly reverberant nature. The space did not have any absorptive material and the client wanted to improve the acoustics of the space, without changing the finishes. Thus, the only option available to improve the acoustics was to introduce an elaborate speaker system.

Cerami’s audiovisual design team designed the speaker system and selected the appropriate speakers for the space. A wireless microphone system and speakers were mounted from various points in the Wintergarden.

Cerami’s acoustical team conducted extensive site surveys to determine the noise levels and the effectiveness of the installed speaker system, which helped to determine the existing level of reverberation and background noise levels. Additional tests helped to determine the most effective treatments to enhance speech intelligibility during presentations in conjunction with the design of the speaker system.


Client: Hines
Project Type: Renovation
Size: 40,000 sf
Location: Detroit, MI