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Notably, Four Times Square is the first building of its size to be constructed according to the strict standards that classify green buildings. Cerami & Associates was selected as both the base building and fit-out acoustical consultant for this multi-use skyscraper.

As part of the base building design team, we measured and analyzed the vibrations from the Times Square subway station, which runs directly beneath the building. We designed an isolated slab construction for the ground floor of the building in order to mitigate the impact of the noise and vibrations from the subway. We reviewed the base building HVAC systems to ensure minimal noise impact to the tenants. In addition, we evaluated the location of the chiller plant and upper floor mechanical systems to guarantee that the noise from these systems would not disturb the tenants.

The fit-out of the building involved typical acoustical considerations for office buildings such as speech privacy and sound isolation for private offices and conference rooms. We also worked with Frank Gehry on his mid-building cafeteria design to create an innovative metal ceiling system that provides the necessary sound absorption so that noise from the cafeteria is not transmitted to the floor above. Cerami & Associates worked on The Fitness Center, also located on a mid-level floor, to design an isolation platform floor in order to mitigate the impact noise transmission from the cardio machines and weights.

Client: FXFOWLE (Base Building) Gensler (Interiors)
Project Type: New Construction
Size: 1,600,000 sf
Location: New York, NY