Environmental / Mission Critical / Projects

Cerami provided services for a new ‘mega’ data center which includes an office and support core along with a large scale data center to be constructed in several phases. Built in phases, when fully complete the project will include extensive mechanical infrastructure with 28 3,250kW diesel engine generator sets, eight load banks 32 cooling towers, and 16 chillers.

Considering the immense scale of this project, ensuring compliance with the local noise ordinances presented a unique challenge. To serve as a benchmark for the design, we measured the existing ambient noise conditions at areas surrounding the project site. This data together with our interpretation of the requirements from multiple adjacent municipalities were utilized to establish project design criteria. We constructed a 3D model of the project site including the surrounding topography, the proposed structures at the site, and the noise-producing exterior equipment. This model was used to allow for a detailed analysis of the noise impact on the surrounding community and also to serve as a communication tool.

Various design iterations were quickly assessed as well as the noise impact of the facility as a function of the project phase. To reduce noise levels to the established criteria, several noise control solutions such as sound barrier walls and generator enclosures can be engineered, and then tested with the computer model.


Client: RTKL Associates, Inc.
Project Type: New Construction
Location: South Jordan, UT