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The prestigious law firm of Clifford Chance required state-of-the-art acoustical and audiovisual systems to be designed and installed into their offices in Washington, DC. The project included the design of a multi-purpose room and several conference rooms, each varying in capacity, design, and purpose.

To allow the multi-purpose room to accommodate the widest possible range of events and capacities, Cerami’s team of audiovisual consultants designed a retractable wall system with a wiring and connectivity infrastructure that could support audio, microphone, video/data projection, computer interfacing, internet and telephone capabilities. The room was made divisible and able to serve as either two presentation spaces or a single large auditorium. The acoustically private room was then integrated with a ceiling-mounted speaker system, a multimedia playback system, and an overhead projector and screen. A single remote control system addresses each room’s dedicated audiovisual equipment separately, allowing for a streamlined, cost-efficient, and reliable AV system.

The conference rooms, used for meetings, presentations, and audio and video teleconferencing, were designed to include state-of-the-art equipment as well. Each room was equipped with a floor box offering connections to the Internet, LAN, telephone, and ISDN capabilities. We also placed a monaural ceiling-mounted speaker and a tabletop audio conferencing system in the room, and suggested a roll-about portable video conferencing unit to allow for flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Client: Gensler
Project Type: New Construction
Size: 165,000 sf
Location: Washington, DC