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Christ Church is a historic facility located in Westchester County that has seen it’s young parish grow, increasing their needs for worship services, outreach and educational programming. In order to help accommodate these needs, they hired Cerami & Associates’ audiovisual team to design new systems in the sanctuary and choir room that would allow them to record events.

The first step was to meet with the church staff to determine the current system capabilities. It was determined that the sanctuary required audio reinforcement for the pipe organ, the choir, live music, as well as general voice enhancement. To accomplish this, Cerami’s team designed a high-end audio system with multiple microphone locations (wired and wireless), automatic and manual audio and video mixing, and hidden column with additional supplemental speakers. The speakers required careful selection, placement and tuning, to keep the architectural integrity of the surroundings.

Finally, a two-camera video capture system was designed for both the sanctuary and choir room to allow for all events to be streamed to the church’s website and recorded directly to hard drive or DVD.

As the choir room is also utilized as a multipurpose space, for overflow, childcare, and educational programs it was equipped with an audio system that can be linked to the main sanctuary for services and then to a separate entertainment system and 60” plasma screen so that it could be used as a screening room.

Client: Christ Church
Project Type: Renovation
Location: Rye, NY